MIME Types in the Standards and Interoperability Registry (SIR)

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Mime Types for the SIR (from 25-Jan-2013 meeting)
  • SB: some progress, but very little on data access
  • Finish mime type assignments: http://bit.ly/Th1bqS
  • PE: for items like NetCDF, there are 2 proposed, application/netcdf and application/x-netcdf (experimental)
  • SB: recommend we just use application/netcdf in the SIR
  • SJ: suppose the x- version is all that one can find in the literature, should we include that?
  • SB: if we find a x- mime type in literature, then we should use that. If we have to make up a mime type because none exists, we should make up a mime type and include x- as prefix.
  • PE: for OGC WMS, finds application/vnd.ogg.wms_xml was used from early, but has been dropped in favor of text/xml since WMS 1.3
  • SB: need to have OGC expert resolve how these standards should be named
  • DA: will ask Simon Cox again, OGC's chair of Naming Authority committee
  • SB: GMU CSR 3.1 now deployed for internal testing
  • Home page: http://geossregistries.info:9003/
  • Testing Geonetwork: http://geossregistries.info:9004/geonetwork
  • There are some new features of CSR V3.1:
    1) Consistent information model (ISO 19115) for all resource types (previously resources were called component or service).
    2) Update the registration page and search page to ensure the same layout and content for all resources.
    3) Add the support for mime type. Once any items in "Supportive Information Standards" were selected, CSR will find the corresponding MIME type from SB's xml document, and output the MIME type as keyword in ISO XML.
    4) Removed all old "service" resources, and mapped them to one of the following resource types: "Analysis and Visualization", "Catalogues, Inventories and Metadata Collections", "Alerts, RSS, and Information Feeds". See SB email attachment (not included in these notes) for the mapping rule from existing service to new resource type.

(from 24-Sept-2013 OGC TC meeting)

  • DA: at OGC TC, 24 Sept 2013, OGC Naming Authority committee suggested solution for MIME type assignments for OGC web services, is to define a MIME type that identifies each standard web service getCapabilities syntax (eg, WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, SOS). This will be much more actionable than something generic like "application/xml", and would not require compound MIME type content (xml for capabilities, something else for data payload, which would be identified anyway in capabilities doc)
  • Also, OGC NA committee will consider defining specific MIME types for each standard OGC data format, to escape ambiguity of "application/xml" and even "application/gml+xml")
  • [ ACTION ] DA to follow up with Simon Cox, Clemens Portele, Carl Reed. This will only address OGC standards, but that's a good chunk of the SIR records.

-- DavidArctur - 26 Sep 2013
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