SIF Meeting, O6-December-2013

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), Paul Eglitis (PE), William Sonntag USEPA (WS), Joan Maso (JM)

Recording: SB

Previous meeting notes: SifMeeting-2013-11-08

Agenda and Discussion

  • Any other business
    • WS to work on outline for Linked Data

Next meeting date: 06 December 2013 at 14:30 UTC


  • 2013 interoperability topics (to result in whitepapers)
    • GEOLabel update * Some progress here: SifGeoLabel. JM: After today we will have something more consolidated. SB: We will keep this as twiki page
    • Discuss work and timeline for registration alternatives
      • No progress here Google docs. SB: We need to review this.
    • We ewill review this next week and we will have a telcon next Friday and decide what we are going to do with both.
  • GEOSS Tutorials and status here AIP5.TutorialTopic
    • Resource Registration
      • Now version of the CRS released. (not public yet but it will be in a couple of weeks)
        • If you have any feedback about it, please edit this page: SifCsrFeedBack
      • We have been waiting for this one for months so now is the time to do it.
    • Data sharing
      • This is one for Steve
    • New version of the GEO Portal is now public.
      • Data Discovering and Access (The broker and the portal). There are some videos available that we could use but we need something more comprensible
    • UNEP-Live. It is in slow progress.
    • User Requirements Registry
      • Problems on hosting the URR.

  • Any other business
    • GEO Exhibition
      • SB will take a look at possibilities about booth presence and give away papers or so.

-- JoanMaso - 06 Dec 2013
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