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SIF Meeting, 04-October-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 15:00 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), Osamu Ochiai (OO, Geosec), Joan Maso (JM),

Recording: DA

Agenda and Discussion

  • Standards and SAs for quality (to be delivered to DSWG DDQ)
    • RDA Metadata Standards Directory (still pending action for JM)
    • JM: GeoViQua site has tutorial on quality measures, will seek feedback from users. SB had sent out a questionnaire on quality, which JM would like to have
    • SB: will post info from twiki site. Initial goal was to provide to DSWG/DQ subgroup a list of current well-known standards
  • 2013 interoperability topics (results in whitepapers)
    • MIME types for SIR entries (update from OGC TC)
      • Background: SIF MIME Types wiki page, and notes from SIF meeting 17-May
      • DA: at OGC TC, 24 Sept 2013, OGC Naming Authority committee suggested solution for MIME type assignments for OGC web services, is to define a MIME type that identifies each standard web service getCapabilities syntax (eg, WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, SOS). This will be much more actionable than something generic like "application/xml", and would not require compound MIME type content (xml for capabilities, something else for data payload, which would be identified anyway in capabilities doc)
      • Also, OGC NA committee will consider defining specific MIME types for each standard OGC data format (based on capabilities doc), to escape ambiguity of "application/xml" and even "application/gml+xml")
      • [ ACTION ] DA to follow up with Simon Cox, Clemens Portele, Carl Reed
    • GEOLabel update
      • JM: considered by SIF for Best Practice / Interoperability Arrangement for GEOLabel Service. This service is working now. See
      • SB: let's include this as demo in next SIF meeting. [ ACTION ] for JM
    • Legal interoperability: deferred
    • Discuss work and timeline for resource casting
      • Review draft paper regarding registration alternatives (see version 0.7)
      • will include GEOSS Clearinghouse role in next version
      • Re: CSR vs DAB registration: work in progress between Esri & DAB developers will inform this discussion; expect results from that very soon (for AIP-6)
      • Re: usability of standards list from SIR in CSR drop-down is a real problem. [ ACTION ] SB to check with CSR team on simplifying and ordering the standards list. Thought this was done before, but it's not implemented on current CSR.
      • Re: Automated Reflection (new topic added by SB): DAB can try from among current known methods (eg, OGC GetCapabilities, THREDDS api, etc) and only if fails all these does it ask data provider for more information.
      • JM: need technical annexes in this white paper. SB: agrees.
    • Discuss work and timeline for linked data
  • SIF Request for Assistance: re: placement of a button to access this request form which is here:
    • Discuss inclusion on GEOSec site and/or GEO Web Portal, so viewers can find it more easily.
    • Osamu: current Geosec website being upgraded, to be posted after next ExCom meeting & feedback.
    • SB: keep in mind this form is for use by data providers more than by data users.
    • DA: also needed on CSR. Should be on all these sites.
    • Osamu: new Geosec web design considering ways to expose and format this help button.
    • SJ: also need to fix some links on SIF web page
    • Osamu: will make sure to consider where to link SIF, Request Form, on Geosec web pages
  • GEOSS Tutorials
    • Review those that need attention
    • Decide on work schedule
  • Any other business
    • SJ: COOPEUS meeting last week: GEOSS exposure well received; more data providers reached and expected to register resources in CSR & SIR. They need help & tutorial pages to be completed. Robert Huber from University of Bremen, Germany, will be adding standards records to the SIR.
    • JM: CEN meeting and the way FP7 projects interoperable results can be "stored" in standards to be used and continued by others. (
    • DA: Promoting domain-sensitive search portals in GEOSS; enabling user feedback to elevate ranking in GWP search results (DA).
      • SB: DAB working on this, could check with Stefano.
    • DA: An official convention for naming OGC standards, intended to simplify and make them consistent and easier to search and cite, will be put into effect by OGC staff in the near- to mid-term. This has apparently been requested and tasked since 2007, but will now be carried out due to renewed requests from various stakeholders.
    • DA: OGC is also investigating assigning (ie, purchasing) DOI's for OGC standard documents (not schemas), see attached OGC-NA_Meeting_Summary_.ppt.

Next meeting date: 18 October 2013 (NOTE: European Summer Time ends Sunday 27-Oct; US DST ends Sunday 3-Nov; will switch meeting time to 14:30 UTC for SIF meeting 1-Nov)

-- DavidArctur - 26 Sep 2013
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