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SIF Meeting, 06-September-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 15:00 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), William Sonntag (WS), Joan Maso (JM), Paul Eglitis (PE)

Recording: David Arctur (DA)

Agenda and Discussion

  • Standards and SAs for quality (to be delivered to DSWG DDQ)
    • RDA Metadata Standards Directory: [ ACTION ] DA and JM to follow up on actions in previous meeting notes Aug 23 here: SifMeeting-2013-08-23#rda
  • 2013 interoperability topics (results in whitepapers)
    • GEOLabel update: [ ACTION ] JM to follow up action from Aug 23 meeting. Comments to be posted to SIF page SifGeoLabel
    • Legal interoperability: topic from PE: this is sufficiently complicated topic that SIF will wait till Legal Interop subgroup of DSWG has drafted white paper
    • Discuss work and timeline for resource casting
      • [ ACTION ] SIF to review draft paper v0.5 regarding registration alternatives, posted by SB on SIF page SifResourceRegistration: comments requested by Fri Sept 13 for consideration by GEOSS Architecture meeting in Frascati.
      • GEO DAB should not be a replacement for CSR; this paper does not address CNR's DAB team interest to register DAB holdings in CSR, but to provide an alternative to manual resource registration.
      • WS: SIF should certainly consider incremental transition of GCI architecture toward brokered, but need to show some results soon, not defer to "post 2015 strategic goals".
    • Discuss work and timeline for linked data, see SIF page SifLinkedData. WS: see recommendations from GEOSS Future Products meeting, and WS' own presentation. SIF needs to consider implications of Linked Data on GCI.
    • SB: this will involve semantics work that has not yet been factored into GCI.
  • SIF Request for Assistance
    • Discuss inclusion on GEOSec site vs. GEO Web Portal
    • SB: still getting emails directly for assistance, from people who know about the request form. But Geosec staff not on this call, defer for now.
  • GEOSS Tutorials
    • These need soonest attention:
      • Resource Registration high priority, [ ACTION ] for DA, working with Meixia Deng at GMU
      • Data Discovery and Access tutorial for data users (SIF)
      • UNEP Live (SB, Mick)
      • GEOWOW (Simon Jirka)
      • CUAHSI HydroServer (Jim Nelson): now in progress
    • Decide on work schedule
  • Any other business
    • DA: Domain-sensitive content search in GEOSS
      • SEINet is an excellent crowdsource botanical data portal for southwest USA, see This involves a very useful degree of botany-aware search facets, that would be impractical to include in the GEO Web Portal.
      • SEINet could be registered in CSR as a portal resource (JM: like GBIF), but there's no user feedback mechanism in CSR, GWP or DAB to elevate it in search results for someone wanting to conduct domain-sensitive search. Would like to see user-based resource ranking enabled in GCI.
      • Same goes for CUAHSI Water Data Center portal, CEOS Water Portal, and other domain-sensitive sites.
      • [ ACTION ] DA to submit topic for GCI architecture, could be raised at Frascati meeting, Sept 20.

Next meeting date: 20 September 2013 -- CAVEAT : this could be during the GEOSS Architecture meeting in Frascati. If so, the next meeting will be 5-October-2013 (second week after 20-Sept). Watch for remote connection details for Frascati meeting, and further updates on SIF meeting that day.

-- DavidArctur - 06 Sep 2013
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