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SIF Meeting, 9-August-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 15:00 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Joan Maso (JM), Osamu Ochiai (OO), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), William Sonntag (WS), Barb Ryan (BR)

Also referenced: Wim Hugo (WH), Doug Nebert (DN), Paul Eglitis (PE), Jose Miguel Eglesias

Recording: David Arctur (DA)

Agenda and Discussion

Comments from Barb Ryan

    • Will release a letter soon to all those providing GEOSS CORE data
    • Some differences of opinion about work that SIF should be doing, and value of registries
    • Would like a quick synopsis from SIF on what's Data CORE
    • Also to discuss metadata tagging and registration

  • SB on GEOSS Data CORE
    • Two ways to indicate GEOSS Data CORE: metadata tag plus CSR registration
    • Early documentation was intended for use by those doing the work to tag / register Data CORE resources
    • This early doc should have been very clear but resulted in many help calls; these calls were coming from admin/clerical people, not IT people
    • Jose Miguel then asked Geosec for help to support this. SB also created a SIF assistance request form, but this was little used.
    • This will continue as Data CORE licensing issues come into play
  • BR will be sending a letter to all POCs who pledged to register Data CORE resources but have not completed metadata tagging. Would attach documentation & instructions, but concerned about sending to the same wrong folks.
  • SB: when these instructions went out initially, it was considered to be during beta testing of Data CORE, but due to the help requests the docs have not been considered ready for public. First paragraph includes link to SIF Assistance Request form. But we've gotten almost no requests for help. Should this doc be changed to work for less-skilled folks?
  • BR: at this point in time, we are aware of about 156 datasets that are discoverable and accessible. Letter should give deadline of Sept 16, so we can go into Oct ExCom meeting with result that more datasets are registered Data CORE. So let's not redesign the process or docs, but just try following up on pledges to make sure knowledgable people are assigned to place the metadata tags.
  • SB: really doesn't want to redesign or downscale the docs for lay people.
  • SJ: non-skilled admin/clerical folks should be able to carry out mechanical process of registration. Maybe this doc is not clear enough, maybe another version of this is needed.
  • SB: for now, the DAB is pulling out the Data CORE info from the metadata. But not sure if it's pulling it out from CSR registry ( The GEO Web Portal gets its info from broker, so if the broker doesn't get the records from CSR, it might not be getting to the GEO Web Portal. Stefano showed a GCI architecture diagram. The clearinghouse pulls metadata from the CSR, and the broker pulls metadata from the clearinghouse. Need to verify whether broker gets the Data CORE tags.
  • BR: do we need to include a second backup doc "Guidelines for CSR Registration"?
  • SB: need to make sure the right people are reading it.
  • BR: or should we NOT send the CSR registration doc?
  • SB: I'd like to work with Jose Miguel to merge the two docs. The guideline to data providers talks about metadata tags but is not a complete CSR tutorial. The CSR tutorial does not mention Data CORE tags.
  • BR: not enough time; letter to go out Monday.
  • SB: how about copying the paragraph about Data CORE registration as an appendix to the general CSR tutorial.
  • SJ: registration with broker only should be an option; shouldn't have to register with CSR
  • SB: the registration with the broker is not yet the official process for GEOSS registration. CSR is still the official registry.
  • BR: would this conversation come up at GEOSS Architecture Envision meeting?
  • SB: no one from SIF has been invited. Would like to attend. Doug Nebert will be there and he does know about all this.
  • SB: issue with registration of catalogs as Data CORE: can only qualify if all records in the catalog are themselves Data CORE. So data providers are breaking their catalogs into segments that are homogeneous (Data CORE or not Data CORE).
  • BR: will make sure the response and instructions get to the right folks.
  • SB: also please make sure they will come to the SIF for help.

Regular agenda

  • Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (defered)
  • Standards and SAs for quality (to be delivered to DSWG DDQ)
    • SB: have sent out requests to POCs, got back long responses about procedures but no metadata standards mentioned. Have followed up with further request for metadata standards.
    • JM: would still like to see all these.
    • SB: will create a page on SIF twiki and post these there. Have also asked POCs if ok to post on BP twiki, but not heard back yet.

  • 2013 interoperability topics (results in whitepapers) (defered)
    • GEOLabel
    • Legal interoperability
    • Discuss work and timeline for linked data
    • Discuss work and timeline for resource casting
  • SIF Request for Assistance
    • Discuss inclusion on GEOSec site vs. GEO Web Portal (additional discussion beyond BR's comments today - defered)

  • GEOSS Tutorials
    • Review those that need attention
    • Decide on work schedule
    • SB/DA: will follow up on CSR tutorial discussion from AIP-6 Kickoff / Future Products WS

  • Any other business
    • WS: has been talking with Eric van Praag at GeoSUR, wants to register with GEOSS, on vacation now
      • SB: will follow up with him
    • JM: would like to know more about the GEOSS Vision and Architecture meeting
      • SB: this is an IN05 meeting. George Percivall inviting people outside GEOSS.
      • Osamu: George P. had original idea, follow-up from Future Products Workshop. Attendance will be limited to 40-45.
      • SB: This will be in Frascati, Sept 20, the Friday before the OGC TC. Also COBWEB meeting going on then.

Next meeting date: 23 August 2013

-- DavidArctur - 09 Aug 2013
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