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SIF Meeting, 26-July-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 15:00 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Joan Maso (JM), Osamu Ochiai (OO), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), Paul Eglitis (PE),

Also referenced: Wim Hugo (WH), Doug Nebert (DN),

Recording: David Arctur (DA)

Agenda and Discussion

  • Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes
    • Review of Helper App functionality
      • SB talked with DN and at last AIP-6 GCI Research meeting
      • High level idea of helper app flow: user discovers resource, and when user is ready to access the resource there would be a list of whatever helper apps provided by DAB; these helper apps could match the mime type of the resource, or specific to a data provider, or enable a user-defined helper app. When the service resource is registered in CSR, the helper app info is included in the CSR metadata. The DAB would send this to the GEO web portal along with search results.
      • Regarding mime types for helper apps, in particular OGC WxS, WH would like to see a mime type dedicated to OGC, eg, application/x-wms.
      • DA: this would be something the OGC Architecture Board and/or OGC Doc subcommittee would want to be a part of this discussion. SIF could propose action, and OGC committees could discuss to help socialize the ideas for best uptake among developers.
      • JM: see AIP-5 document mentioning this: section 4.2.
      • SB: this was a starting point, but the idea has changed somewhat; are not expecting to use a helper registry now.
    • Review of completed standards
    • Discussion of WxS mimetypes with Wim Hugo of SAEON
      • SB working with WH on testing; WH not present today
  • 2013 interoperability topics (results in whitepapers required by end of year, to update component plans)
    • Registration issues and alternatives (linked data, unique identifiers, resource casting)
      • SB: Linked data being taken up very seriously by Eye on Earth folks, will be moving forward in that initiative. Need to find some other area(s) of work to do.
      • JM: linked data discussion has a tension between defining a data model for each topic vs. simple data model for Big Data
      • DA: unique identifiers has been a hot topic on OGC discussion lists
      • SJ: re unique identifiers:
      • SB: DAB can harvest and search for many resources, but there's not a reliable way to know if DAB results include duplicates. Having unique identifiers would really help in resource discovery.
      • SB: Resource casting: ESIP (Ruth Duerr) has been working on; a data provider could post specific metadata to be harvested by web crawler, rather than direct registration. This is to reduce burden on data provider for registration process.
      • SJ: Could use resource tagging, URLs for more info; NASA trying some approach. Harvesting/advertising. See,,
      • JM: like this concept 'resource advertising' as low-burden way of posting metadata to identify data services.
      • SB: resource casting could be the best topic for SIF to take on, as service to GEOSS. Not to write an operational system, but to try out
      • PE: Point for later - All solutions discussed, e.g. spiders, are web-based only. We should not forget interoperability issues connected to RF networks, sensor networks etc, ... that are one step away from the internet. Related to this do we have a n/a category for the mime types inventory for standards that do not cover a web interface, e.g. transducer/network interfaces???
      • SB: re mime types, the list in the spreadsheet was a dump from the SIR. The CSR only harvests mime types when that's filled in on registration.
      • PE: should identify records that do not require mime type, so we don't keep trying to identify
      • SB: re sensor webs: we're not really trying to cover RF networks, but SWE (web-based)
      • (poll within core SIF group) agree to work on resource casting; the other topics are really beyond our scope
      • OO: how can GEOSS resource providers currently choose the ways register their resources?
      • SB: there is a tutorial describing on this which currently describes the CSR only, not the DAB, and after these new topics (resource casting etc) were discussed, they might be appended to the tutorials.
      • PE: Is there more work to be done on legal interoperability issues? (deferred to later meeting)
      • JM: So just about resource casting using RSS/Atom we have: The OGC requests comments on the OWS Context Encoding Standard

        INSPIRE Download Services, Network Services 12/06/2012

        Earth Observation meets RSS


    • Find standards and SAs for quality metadata (from Data Sharing WG)
      • see
      • SB: this should be updated to identify different standards that could be used for documenting data quality, ie, fitness for use. GeoViQua has done some work on this (see, and SB has found 7 or 8 standards in common use. This would be helpful to Data Sharing WG.
      • SJ: this would be an unbounded issue given the detailed quality criteria of every different community.
      • SB: this isn't about domain-specific data quality, but about QA/QC, a request from DS WG.
      • JM: "what to measure" is unbounded, but "how to encode quality measures into metadata" could be more bounded.
      • SB: could send email to POC's for SBAs in work plan, asking what metadata standards they use for data quality. The idea is to have a general algorithm that looks at data quality parameters to present a 'fitness for use'
      • JM: 3 issues here: (1) metadata approach, which indicators to use, (2) which data types will be used for data quality indicators, (3) fit for purpose context.
    • Decide on work schedule for the topics
  • SIF Request for Assistance
    • See
    • Discuss inclusion on GEOSec site vs. GEO Web Portal, text & graphics to be used
    • As agreed, if you could discuss in SIF and come up with a proposal to us for where to put the link, what should be the text, and the graphical format (button, just text, ...). Consider also the possibility that I mentioned of having the link only from the GEO Portal, but ensure that people coming to the GEO Web homepage looking for SIF-relevant help will be "sent" to the GEO Portal (concrete suggestions for modifications to the GEO Web to ensure that would then obviously be very welcome ...).
    • JM: there is help in GEO Portal, but it's about getting help with discovery. Not gauged toward providers.
    • DA: this could be a link or menu identified as being for data providers, for context for this request form
    • OO: there used to be a menu or button on GEO home page; Geosec considering again how to organize site to provide more obvious support to data providers.
    • SB: will talk to Espen and Rik
    • DA: DAB registration is separate from CSR, and resources registered in DAB can't be discovered on
    • SB: this is a known problem, need to be able to find resources registered through DAB in CSR
    • OO: need a distinct link between GEO web site and GEO web portal
  • GEOSS Tutorials
    • Review those that need attention
    • Decide on work schedule
  • Any other business
    • PE: legal interoperability issues
    • JM: GEOLabel topic

Next meeting date: 09 August 2013

-- SteveBrowdy - 12 Jul 2013
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