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SIF Meeting, 05-April-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 14:30 UTC (summer time schedule)

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), William Sonntag (WS), Joan Maso (JM), Tomoko Mano (TM, Geosec)

Recording: DA

Agenda and Discussion

  • Links for GEOSS Future Products Workshop and AIP-6 Kickoff slides and AIP-6 twiki home
  • Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (SB)
    • Need to make progress on spreadsheet: ( ACTION)
    • GMU CSR team has deployed new CSR v3.2; still not handling resources and standards properly.
    • Will merge "classification" and "supportive" lists of standards
  • Terms of Reference and Operating Procedures review
    • SB will send out for SIF review later today; need to deliver to IIB by COB Monday ( ACTION)
  • Discussion of Data Citation as an SIR entry
    • Hans-Peter Plag has registered his paper on GEOSS Data Citation Guidelines in SIR
    • SB doesn't feel this is appropriate for SIR, rather better in BP-Wiki
    • SJ doesn't see who would use this
    • JM could see this document being referenced by something in CSR; perhaps link to it as a tutorial from a resource registered in CSR
    • WS need to have H-P Plag on call to reach conclusions
  • GEOSS Future Products Workshop report
    • SB working on associated audio for each session
    • Take-away: who are the GEOSS users? End users looking for data products; scientists looking for raw data as well as data products; data providers working on GCI connections. Model web and sensor web discussion.
    • DA- model web is starting to be realized as synchronized models with frameworks like CSDMS, ESMF, OpenMI; not an easy integration like Gary Geller's vision, but it's happening in hydrology (HydroShare), EarthCube community, other NSF projects. Some scientists have developed integration across multiple modeling frameworks.
    • WS- Model web? Not sure where to go next
    • SIF should be ready to inform the upcoming Work Plan Implementation Workshop
    • Better outreach and education; good connection with Michelle Hertzfeld (NOAA)
    • Approach to GCI that pays attention to open data, RDF, NSF projects,, EEA SENSE (data holdings in RDF)
    • SB- social media could be more/better used
    • SJ- is the GCI the best place to make improvements? Data will continue to be developed that will not be registered in GEOSS; how could GEOSS use such resources? Should DAB be defined and configured to work with all these? Help data providers to expose their data to be more discoverable and accessible for workflows
    • JM- most folks talking more from their own fields; extending brokering could be promisin; current GEO Portal doesn't represent us well; would like to see more data, not just metadata
    • DA- AIP6 Water Services project should help get past metadataperhaps data mining could help with discovery process;
    • WS- what will SIF do to follow up? Wants to stimulate US GEO advocacy on ... what?
    • SB- SIF could review materials and synthesize/summarize issues for follow-up, eg, brokering, linked data, model web interoperability
    • SB- need to bound SIF activity with regard to social networking
    • DA, WS, SB- let's follow up with Michelle Hertzfeld off-line from SIF call to see how she might help with outreach, use of social networking, etc ( ACTION)
  • AIP-6 plans
    • Data Sharing: COBWEB, CUAHSI, NASA to participate
    • Tutorial: 1 new tutorial pledged (HydroDesktop-HydroServer tutorial), several prior tutorials committed but not finished
  • Any other business
    • SJ: IIB meeting, April 10: preparing for Work Plan Symposium:
    • getting completion of task sheets has been slow; what can be done to revitalize the boards and give them direction? Perhaps they were hoping for reports from Future Products Workshop?
    • SB: Task IN-05-01 has task to provide GEOSS architecture guidance doc for IIB. George Percivall & SB & other session leads will be working on the GEOSS Architecture doc including outcomes of Future Products Workshop
    • WS: concern for viability of this enterprise; need to see concrete activity that will add to the content and evolution of GEOSS
    • SB: new work plan structure issues: don't see as much happening as before; the new boards seem less productive than previous committee structure. Focus continues to be on GCI, okay, but not much else going on.
    • DA: see poor coordination between CSR team, SIF team, and ESA GEO Portal team
    • SB: role of the SIF, going forward?
    • SIF has a "help form" and guidelines, but there's no one following this. Secretariat should direct folks to the SIF help form.
    • WS: seems like the SIF is simply shielding IIB from dealing with user interoperability issues; maybe this needs to happen directly in IIB.
    • SB: IIB seems less involved in doing actual work; would assign a task or component to deal with it, and that's SIF already.
    • JM: SIF role more important in linked data world
    • JM: could a link to a tutorial in BP wiki be associated with registered resources in CSR?

Next meeting date: 19 April 2013

-- DavidArctur - 5 Apr 2013
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