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SIF Meeting, 22-Feb-2013

Convened: 14:30 - 15:30 UTC
Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), William Sonntag (WS), Paul Eglitis (PE),

Also mentioned: Joan Maso (JM), Espen Volden (EV, Geosec), Ben Burford (BB), George Percivall (GP), Mick Wilson (MW)

Recording: DA

Agenda and Discussion

  1. GEOSS Interoperability Workshop update (quick review)
  2. Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (quick review)
  3. Terms of Reference for SIF (quick review for approval)
  4. Discussion of GCI document (main issue)
  5. Discussion of resource registration/interoperability (main issue)
  6. Any other business; next meeting

1. GEOSS Future Products Workshop update (SB)
  • Workshop info:
  • Main workshop to be about model web and sensor web; SIF portion should connect with these
  • Unique IDs (JM)
  • Brokering (SJ)
  • Semantics (SB)- will put some contextual remarks into intro, rather than take up a 15 minute presentation.
  • Authentication & User Mgmt (SB)
  • these will be 30 min per presentation
  • followed by a break, and 30 min for demos
  • will try to record sessions' Q&A, GP to check on this

2. Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (SB)

3. SIF Terms of Reference and Op Proc 2007: changes?

4. Discussion of GCI document
  • See attached: The_GCI_fact_sheet_v1.0.pdf
  • SN created this summary page for non-IT, non-GEOSS people to learn more about GCI
  • first draft, comments requested [ Word doc posted? ]
    • BB sent email with comments
    • EV sent marked up & scanned pdf
  • SB: who will need to know how GCI works, internal components of GEOSS registries? Users will want to know how GEOSS works at a simple, high level
  • SN: may have different visions of who are the GEOSS users: some (many?) are scientists who want to publish their capabilities. For now there is only one way to publish capabilities, and that is through the GCI.
  • SJ: fundamential question about what direction GCI is going. Registration in GEOSS not very successful. Thinking this fact sheet emphasizes brokering too much. While there is still much to be worked out to implement brokering. Who is the fact sheet targetted at? Users mainly need usage instructions. Use case: I'm a manager, I want to participate in GEOSS, what do I need to do?
  • SN: agree we need another document for GEO portal usage.
  • DA: Excellent blog on map portal design:
  • SB: agree with these comments. Need separate docs for data provider, client provider, data seekers.
  • WS: this is an excellent effort for a non-technical, but agree the general data seeker might need another doc
  • SB: we can't break version 1 (registering in GCI via CSR) before we have working version 2 (brokering GCI). Does not mean if you have a catalog of 100,000 datasets, that you have to register 100,000 datasets; just register the catalog.
  • SB: when is this due to IIB?
  • SN: indefinite, hoping to be ready by "version 2", would like to get comments by next IIB meeting (early April)
5. Discussion of resource registration/interoperability
  • Deferred to next meeting.
6. Any other business
  • SIF core team should all have editing rights to twiki. Register as user, then send message to Joan asking for editing rights.
  • WS: want to lobby for update on UNEP Live activities next time possible.

Next meeting: 8 March 2013
  • Note that with several conferences happening in Dublin that week, WS and MW will not be available.

-- DavidArctur - 21 Feb 2013
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