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SIF Meeting, 8-Feb-2013

Convened: 14:30 - 15:00 UTC
Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), William Sonntag (WS), Joan Maso (JM), Paul Eglitis (PE), Espen Volden (EV, Geosec)
Recording: DA

Agenda and discussion

- GEOSS Future Products Workshop update (SB)
  • Main workshop to be about model web and sensor web; SIF portion should connect with these
  • Workshop info:
  • 6 topics for 4 hours, balance between presentations and open discussion
  • SIF has session 5, Aspects of Interop & Resource Discovery
  • SIF leads Linked Data and GeoWOW portion of Workshop
  • SJ: leading Brokering concepts
  • WS: has some material and could talk on Linked Data
  • Authentication & SSO (Steve B, Andreas Matthius) - if Bill does Linked Data, Steve could do this

- Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (SB)
  1. Consistent information model (ISO 19115) for all resource types (previously it's called component and service).
  2. Update the registration page and search page to ensure the same layout and content for all resources.
  3. Add the support to mime type. Once any items in "Supportive Information Standards" were selected, CSR will find the corresponding MIME type from Steve's xml document, and out the MIME type as keyword in ISO XML.
  4. Remove all old "service" resource, and mapped them to one of the following resource type: "Analysis and Visualization" "Catalogues, Inventories and Metadata Collections", "Alerts, RSS, and Information Feeds" See attachment for the mapping rule from existing service to new resource type.
  • Need more mime types! Data access, data formats, fairly sparse
  • DA: contact CReed to help here!

- SIF Terms of Reference 2007: changes?
  • SIF Terms of Reference 2007
  • SIF Operating Procedures 2007
    • Note these docs are on SIF twiki home, under Resources heading
    • SB: Change ADC to IIB throughout?
    • SJ: need to identify & clarify SIF relationship with IIB, going forward (eg, Objective 3)
    • SB: will add words about IIB and task reporting / coordination.
    • Also need to work on public database
  • Espen: Geosec receive requests from folks having catalogue database wanting to know how to connect to GEOSS. What does SIF have a role with this contact? If there's a problem registering on portal?
  • SB: if they want assistance, they can come to SIF page on seabass, pick Request Assistance, and fill in the contact form for assistance.
  • EV: this form doesn't seem to be accessible or linked where it might be needed on the portal.
  • SB: if there's a way to make this more prominent on the GEO site, great. The portal has various sections that each have their own way of asking for help, should be more consistent.

- SIF Operating Procedures 2007: changes?
  • Need to update flow charts, take out mention of Regional Teams
  • The SIF will promote the creation of standards by appropriate standards organizations to address these issues, when appropriate.
  • SIF activities include:
  • Meetings of the SIF:
    • Follow Roberts Rules of Order? (unnecessary; get rid of)
    • The SIF will maintain a data base of SIF meetings, issues and actions and their status. This database will be accessible through the SIF web site. (keep and start doing)
    • Registry review
    • Flow charts (do new ones)
    • Regional teams (get rid of)
- Any other business
  • EV: why did IIB ask SIF for ToR, Op Proc? Due to change in philosophy with the emergence of brokering?
  • SB: No, more to do with accountability and effectiveness at our role; need to increase SIF visibility. Regardless of whether broker addresses some folks' issues, the same issues of understanding standards and how to work with GCI hasn't changed the SIF's role.
Next meeting: 22 Feb 2013

-- DavidArctur - 21 Feb 2013
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