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SIF Meeting, 25-Jan-2013

Convened: 14:30 - 15:00 UTC
Attending:Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Siri Jodha Khalsa (SJ), William Sonntag (WS), Joan Maso (JM), Paul Eglitis (PE), Espen Volden (EV, Geosec)
Recording: DA

Agenda and discussion

- Mime Types for the SIR (see also PE, SB emails on this topic)
  • SB: some progress, but very little on data access
  • PE: for items like NetCDF, there are 2 proposed, application/netcdf and application/x-netcdf (experimental)
  • SB: recommend we just use application/netcdf in the SIR
  • SJ: suppose the x- version is all that one can find in the literature, should we include that?
  • SB: if we find a x- mime type in literature, then we should use that. If we have to make up a mime type because none exists, we should make up a mime type and include x- as prefix.
  • PE: for OGC WMS, finds application/vnd.ogg.wms_xml was used from early, but has been dropped in favor of text/xml since WMS 1.3
  • SB: need to have OGC expert resolve how these standards should be named
  • DA: will ask Simon Cox again, OGC's chair of Naming Authority committee
  • SB: GMU CSR 3.1 now deployed for internal testing
  • Home page:
  • Testing Geonetwork:
  • There are some new features of CSR V3.1
    1) Consistent information model (ISO 19115) for all resource types (previously resources were called component or service).
    2) Update the registration page and search page to ensure the same layout and content for all resources.
    3) Add the support for mime type. Once any items in "Supportive Information Standards" were selected, CSR will find the corresponding MIME type from SB's xml document, and output the MIME type as keyword in ISO XML.
    4) Removed all old "service" resources, and mapped them to one of the following resource types: "Analysis and Visualization", "Catalogues, Inventories and Metadata Collections", "Alerts, RSS, and Information Feeds". See SB email attachment (not included in these notes) for the mapping rule from existing service to new resource type.
- GEOSS Interoperability Workshop
  • SB: George Percivall has had planning meeting, will be having Future Products Workshop, March 26-27-28
  • SIF could be Wed pm linked data session; AIP-6 kickoff Thur afternoon or Friday
  • Overall response among SIF to this agenda is positive, good tie-in with EarthCube
  • Agenda: –Tuesday AM
  • Overview
  • Current architectures (what exusts (GCI, broker, etc.), plus other initiatives)
–Tuesday PM
  • Sensor Web
–Wed AM
  • Model Web
–Wed PM
  • Linked Data - SIF (how to make access to future products make sense)
–Thursday AM
  • Ways Forward
  • Wrap-up
–Thursday PM or Friday
    • AIP-6 Kick-off

SIF Possible Interoperability Topics
  • Invited experts (unconfirmed)
  • Networking with other initiatives (included)
  • Linked data
  • Broker topics
    •Semantics, Broker interoperability, Unique identifiers
  • Semantics registry
  • Data and service casting
- Terms of Reference for SIF (deferred to next meeting)

- Any other business
  • JM made twiki space on GeoViqua's twiki for SIF site; SB & DA to migrate SIF meetings & material there
  • WS: meeting with OSTP this week - much activity coming soon on environmental action, geospatial platform, GEO/GEOSS from US perspective, PCAST rollout of system from EPA/USGS this year. Over last 18 mo, WS has been paying attention to UN environ stats, meeting at end of Feb. Data and observation platform need to be connected with statistical arrays for choices of what to deploy and provide. May be a new part of that looks at environ stats specifically. US EnviroInfo program puts together USGS Bison + EPA atlas.
    See UN Global Framework for Devel of Environmental Statistics:
Next meeting: 8 Feb 2013

-- DavidArctur - 21 Feb 2013
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