SIF Meeting, 17-May-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 15:00 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), Bart De Lathouwer (BD), Espen Volden (EV, Geosec)

Recording: DA

Agenda and Discussion

  • Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes (quick review)
    • Needed for helper apps - please fill in! (see google spreadsheet here)
    • Bart De Lathouwer will work on the OGC types
    • JM suggests we should use mime types for formats, but use the DAB or Context doc URI for service types (are these the same, eg, for WMS?)
    • Please don't invent new URI types
  • Discussion of Data Citation as an SIR entry (with Hans-Peter Plag)
    • Hans-Peter not on the call
    • see:
    • SB: proposes to put this document in the Best Practices Wiki, rather than in the SIR. This does not represent a community-adopted standard or special arrangement.
    • DA, JM agree; ACTION : SB will put this in the BP Wiki and ask Hans-Peter to suggest a future meeting time if further discussion is needed.
  • UNEP Live update (with Mick Wilson)
    • Email update from MW: New activity toward interoperation of UNEP Live with MEA Knowledge Domains (controlled vocabularies), with donor funds from Eye on Earth. So UNEP-Live will contribute to AIP-6.
    • BD: will this show up in the showcase demos?
    • SB: has submitted this already, for UNEP Live to interoperate with the DAB.
  • SIF Operating Procedures review (see Feb 8 SIF telecon notes)
    • SB: wishes to submit to IIB by June; can deal with this via email before May 31 (next SIF meeting)
  • OWS Context Standard in GEOSS (BPW/Tutorials)
    • Based on discussion around Context doc's re: mime types for helper apps: guidelines for Context docs would be good to include in BP Wiki
    • Hervé Caumont suggested the SIF investigate & understand the usefulness of OWS Context for GEOSS
    • DA: OWS Context could serve like a "shopping cart" for a GEOSS user during search & discovery
  • 2013 interoperability topics to consider (results in two whitepapers)
    • Broker “knowledge” of resource metadata and fixing "numbers" issues
      • need to understand if or how Broker can do secondary searches (finds a catalog resource during a search, and propogates search to that catalog)
      • "numbers" issue: how many datasets are accessible via GEOSS? where does the figure "millions of datasets" come from? can't easily discover millions of datasets from routine search.
      • DA: CEOS Water Portal claims "millions of datasets" alone
      • SB: ACTION: will ask Stefano or Mattia to join SIF call and tell us how they get "millions of datasets"
      • JM: see DAB client here: -- open search result (all records) gets about 651k datasets; all GEOSS Data Core results 363282 datasets. Note that CEOS Water Portal does not appear as one of the searched catalogs.
      • JM: found reference: An active crawler for discovering geospatial Web services and their distribution pattern – A case study of OGC Web Map Service (IJGIS download for fee)
    • Registration alternatives: registering in CSR vs. registering in DAB
      • need to reaffirm that the registration process for GEOSS (GEO Portal) always involves the CSR ( Datasets are being registered in broker but not in CSR. This is a usability and CSR workflow issue; should SIF work on this?
      • BD: we should add this to IIB agenda; SB: SIF could stress importance of following correct registration process, or could investigate alternatives to current registration process and suggest improvement.
      • SB: ACTION : will write up summary to SIF list about alternatives
    • Investigation of OWS Context for use in GEOSS (worth pursuing; see notes above for today's discussion)
  • Any other business
    • Work Plan Symposium (IIB Meetings): role of SIF, comments on new Terms of Reference (next telecon)

Next meeting date: 31 May 2013

-- DavidArctur - 14 May 2013
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