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SIF Meeting, 19-April-2013

Convened: 13:30 - 14:30 UTC

Attending: Steve Browdy (SB), David Arctur (DA), William Sonntag (WS), Jeff DLB (JDLB, NOAA), Espen Volden (EV, Geosec)

Recording: DA

Agenda and Discussion

  • Mime Types for the SIR and CSR changes
    • Need to make progress on spreadsheet: (ACTION)
    • JDLB: Issues with mime types not standard, eg, application/x-wms - this has been tried but mainly hangs up a non-wms-aware client.
    • SB: can include multiple mime types in the metadata record; this is not for direct client app use but for use by GCI components, eg, to provide a list of helper applications
    • SB: not asking service portal developers to change anything they currently do. This is for the GEO Web Portal developers to improve GCI automation.
    • JDLB: for WMS 1.1.1, the WG created a mime type to identify WMS1.1.1.
    • SB: another case is where a catalog is entered in the CSR, rather than the many services accessed via the catalog.
    • Any WMS client should ask getCapabilities to get the version, then work with the version as needed.
    • JDLB: a true WMS-aware client probably has other ways of finding out what's needed, and there's no URL provided to user for human-readable info to help out of the jam if client couldn't work with the posted mime type.
    • Style sheet could be listed in the xml, which turns the xml into human-readable xhtml with links that could enable user to get the help they need. And providing a link to style sheet in a service xml does not require a change to OGC standards.
    • SB: DAB has its own client app, which provides much this capability. Maybe we need to be working more on improving this capability, for use by GEO portal users.
  • AIP-6 Tutorials:
    • 1 new tutorial pledged (HydroDesktop? -HydroServer tutorial), several prior tutorials committed but not finished
    • CSR Tutorials: Meixia (GMU) sent DA and SB the link to updated CSR Tutorials page <a href="".
    • DA/SB will work on Resource Registration Tutorial on BP Wiki next Fri, April 26

Due to lack of attendance by designated speakers, the rest of the agenda is postponed to next regular meeting.
  • UNEP-Live update (Mick Wilson)
  • Discussion of Data Citation as an SIR entry
    • Hans-Peter Plag has registered his paper on GEOSS Data Citation Guidelines in SIR
    • Previous discussion points:
      • better placed in the BPW
      • who would use this in the SIR
      • this document could be referenced by something in CSR; perhaps link to it as a tutorial from a resource registered in CSR
  • SIF plans
    • Work Plan Symposium
    • Interoperability efforts
  • Any other business
    • SIR has been migrated to its permanent hosting server
    • SIF ToR delivered to IIB - no comments or feedback received yet
    • SB will send out updated SIF Operating Procedures for SIF review next week ( ACTION)

Next meeting: 3 May 2013

-- DavidArctur - 17 Apr 2013
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